From SPIN THE GLOBE World Music CD Reviews, Nov 2005


A fine collection of songs to the Orishas, the representatives of the divine in the Yoruba tradition that spread from West Africa to Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, and beyond. Cuba is said to have the purest form, called Santeria or La Regla de Ocha. That's the history and spirit; the sound is primarily call-and-response vocals over polyrhythmic percussion featuring the sacred bata drums, though a bit of piano sneaks in as well, as on the melodic, flowing tribute to ocean goddess Yemaya. The recording is crisp and clear and the music tight, overall an inspired and inspiring recording.

Vocal Baobab’s first CD release went straight to the top of several DJ charts on US radio as well as earning airplay time in the UK (played on BBC Radio 3 by Andy Kershaw in his programme and Lucy Duran in World Routes) and across continental Europe.

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